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Playlist Favorite: Reckless - Heart of Steel

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Rich Embury
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I saw this band live in Saskatoon, at the annual exhibition (summer fair), on the free stage. It was August 1985, and I had just bought this unknown band on cassette (which I still have).


I was shocked to see them on the stage since the only bands that played the Exhibition stages were family vocal groups with cheesy stage shows, kid's groups, and country bands. Reckless released a "Self-titled" record previously in 1980. Unfortunately, it sounds nothing like this one. First, it's female-fronted (not the issue at all), but secondly, it's very pop rock. that is the issue for me.

Reckless - Heart of Steel was eventually released on Compact Disc in the 2000s, but I still pull out my trusty cassette and walkman (still just as new as if they were just bought) and play this gem. I obviously have this in digital format (FLAC) too, but it's just fun to revisit these old gems in the original way I discovered them.

  1. Hot 'N' Ready
  2. Heart of Steel
  3. Drivin' You Mad
  4. Feel the Fire
  5. Need You Next to Me
  6. in the Night
  7. Only After Dark
  8. Shadows of You
  9. Don't Walk Away


  • Douglas Lang Adams - Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Steve Madden - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Todd Pilon - Bass
  • Steve Wayne Lederman - Drums


(YouTube Video) Hot 'N' Ready - 1984

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Very cool, thank you for sharing. We definitely need this in our Playlist too 👍 👍