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Iron Maiden, Rockav...
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Iron Maiden, Rockavaria Munich 2016

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This is a little follow up to the Slayer review because both bands were at the festival. Slayer finished playing and usually it took other bands like 15 minutes max to get ready for the stage. This wasn’t the case with Iron Maiden though because they were 2 hours late (if I remember correctly) and if you read my other review you probably remember it started raining during the Slayer concert. Needless to say while we were waiting for Maiden it was pouring buckets and everyone was drenched. Not only was that not the best experience but then the wind started going crazy aswell and that’s when a whole lot of people decided to leave the festival or find a dry spot.

When the band finally arrived, they just played their music and then pretty much left with close to zero interaction with their fans. Now I don’t know about anyone else but personally that doesn’t give concert energy since that’s what you get when listening to them on your phone too.

So for me 4/10 just because you kinda have to have seen Iron Maiden and the stage decorations were amazing

Iron Maiden
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Up the Irons, Maiden forever! Saw them in 91 in Innsbruck and 95 at The Palace in Hollywood, total Killer!