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Fans of the Dark "Suburbia"

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Fans of the Dark   Suburbia
Suburbia is the second album by Fans of the Dark, a band originally from Sweden born in 2020, although they could be considered a new band, their musical style is very well defined and this new album confirms it.
Lately we can see how the revival of the 80's is gaining more and more strength, but to be honest, not everyone has the essence and the musical skills to make a good performance.
As far as Fans of the Dark is concerned, from the first minute the great potential of the band is very clear, which we can see reflected in Suburbia with 8 tracks (like the old players).
With the exception of the bass player, the line-up is the same since their first album. Each instrument is interpreted with its own style and very careful, always evoking the beautiful sound of the 80's. Alex Falk's voice is very fresh and pleasant and prints a lot of eighties feeling in each interpretation. Even the names and lyrics of the songs have many references to what one could read, see and hear in the media in the eighties.
Suburbia, an album to let the good old days´ nostalgia flow, when, unquestionably, Rock Ruled the Earth.

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Thanks for the recommendation!

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Awesome, thank you!

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