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On 22 July 2022, we released, in my opinion,  one of the best, most dynamic, most diverse hard rock albums that I have heard in a long time. This album is "Dancing at Funerals" by Montreal's PLAYHOUSE.  You may have heard a few of the singles, right here on FCK.FM. I invite all Melodic Hard Rock fans to listen via your favorite streaming platform, or buy a physical copy from, amazon, B&N, fye, or the numerous independent record who are also carrying the album. I firmly believe you will not be disappointed.  Just ask Marisol, who did a most amazing review of "Dancing" in July's FCK.FM Mag. Thank you Marisol! Rock on FCKers!!!

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Thank you for posting Doug, indeed a very good album 😎

playhouse dancing at funerals


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Authentic Old School Hard Rock, "Dancing at Funerals" is an album to listen to and enjoy. It surprises me that today the lyrical content of many bands has no weight compared to the musical part, the lyrics are often insipid and it is a shame not to be able to match the level between the lyrics and the music. I mention this because it is precisely one of the things that I loved about "Dancing at funerals", how amazing and well thought out the lyrics of each track are, the musical part is totally fascinating! Composed of experienced musicians (35 years) PLAYHOUSE is a band that knows how to impress its classic and mature style.

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