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"Metallic Utopia" - Playlist August 6, 2022

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Tune in every Saturday to Rich Embury's "Metallic Utopia" at 11:00 Pacific, 14:00 Eastern, and 20:00 CET exclusive on FCK.FM. Hear all episodes also on all Major Podcasts and chat live with Rich during the Show, for more info visit

Playlist from August 6, 2022:

Johnny Crash - Hey Kid
Iron Allies - Full of Surprises
Contraband - Intimate outrage
Crimson Caliber - Toxic Infiltrator
Loudness - Oeoeoe
Mötley Crüe - Bastard
Tales Of Arken - Broken
Paul Laine - Break down the Barricade
Babylon A.D. - Maryanne
Upon Wings - Last LoveMetallica - The Thing That Should Not Be
The Runaways - I Love Playing with Fire
Kill Devil Hill - Strange

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