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"Metallic Utopia" Playlist - Sat. August 27, 2022

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Rich Embury
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Tune in every Saturday to Rich Embury's "Metallic Utopia" at 11:00 Pacific, 14:00 Eastern, and 20:00 CET exclusive on FCK.FM. Hear all episodes also on all Major Podcasts and chat live with Rich during the Show (discord), for more info (plus past shows/podcasts) visit

Autograph - Turn Up the Radio
Krokus - Midnite Maniac
Roxx Gang - No Easy Way Out
Queensryche - Take Hold of the Flame
Pariah - Anesthesia
Petra - It Is Finished
L.A. Guns - Slap in the Face
Black 'N Blue - Great Guns of Fire
Slik Toxik - White Lies, Black Truth
D-A-D - Girl Nation
Bad 4 Good - Curious Intentions
David Lee Roth - A Lil' Ain't Enough

Krokus FCK 2000x2000
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Total Killer Show, don´t miss it to crank it in a podcast!

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