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We´re FCK.FM and our philosophy is a lot of hard n’ heavy Rock ’n’ Roll and a lot of hot girls, but we are strictly against talking about politics and religion. Our mission is to spread positive vibes, no judging, and have as much fun as possible by being nice and supporting each other. Be welcome to join us!

Marisol is the Editor-in-Chief of our monthly FCK.FM MAG and strategic mastermind. Visit her galleries.

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Marga is the Head of Promotion and also the admin of our FCK.FM Page on Facebook with thousands of followers. Visit her galleries.

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Kristen writes exceptionally good album-of-the-month reviews in our FCK.FM MAG and also does other editorial work.

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Lara is responsible for production and editing here in our office and she has the job that many guys dream of – she does all the photoshootings with our FCK.FM Girls. Visit her galleries.

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